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  • Cens.com Heavy Duty Facing Lathe DENVER IND. CO., LTD.

  • Heavy Duty Facing Lathe

    Serial: HL-1500/2000/2500X1000,1500,2000(WIDTH OF BED:79; Main applications / It is suitable for turning and cutting of large work piece and steel rod materials for heavy industries like oil pipe n....more
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  • Cens.com Heavy Duty CNC Lathe CNC-TAKANG CO., LTD.

  • Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

    Serial: LC/LD Series; Heavy Duty CNC Lathe/ CNC Lathes/ Heavy-duty Lathes: ■Flat Bed CNC Lathe ■SWING: 770 – 1527mm (30” – 60”) ■B.C.: 1 – 8M ■Special Made f....more
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    CNC-TAKANG CO., LTD. Cens.com book_h

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  • Cens.com CNC Screw Miller MYDAY MACHINERY INC.

  • CNC Screw Miller

    Bar Capacity(with Screw-holding Rest): Ø300 mm Max. Pitch on Workpiece: 250 mm (Single Pitch) Max. Workpiece Length: 4000 / 6000 mm
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