Enhanced Exchanges between Taiwan and Japan's Smart Machinery Industry Bear Sweet Fruit

Jun 28, 2017 Ι Industry News Ι Machinery & Machine Tools Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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The smart manufacturing delegation's visit, led by Deputy Minister of Economic affairs, Shen Jong-Chin, to Japan-Taiwan Smart Machinery forum has gain fruitful results.

Taiwan-Japan Smart Machinery Forum, held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan on June 8 by Industrial Technology Research Institute, a Taiwanese government-funded R&D body, is an international platform for smart machinery manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan to share experience and brainstorm for a better future.

Japan's smart manufacturing system and system integration technology is remarkably mature nowadays. Combining with Taiwan's high quality precision machinery know-how and ICT industry, Taiwan and Japan will be able to foresee rosy years in the near future.

Chairman of TPCA, Mr. Rick Wu, Chairman of Japan Electronics Packaging andCircuits Association (JPCA), Mr. Toshifumi Kobayashi, President of Mitsubishi Electric and other veteran smart machinery manufacturers were invited to the forum as keynote speakers.

This forum has created smart manufacturing solutions for the industry with communication and exchanges of innovating ideas; also, it has raised the international visibility of Japan and Taiwan.

Shen Jong-Chin, Political Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs. (photographed by Huang, Yi-Shu)

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