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Our company began with Tung Li Gear Works that was established in 1963. In addition to using advanced equipment from Germany, Swiss and Japan to produce all kinds of gears, worm and worm gears, Tung Li also accumulated more than 40 years manufacturing experience during the same time. Now, Tung Li still produces plenty of gears, worm and worm gears for well-known companies in Taiwan and Japan.  In November 2000, based on this excellent background, we invested in new product and established son company, SUNUS TECHNOLOGY. We focus on designing and producing planetary gear reducer for CNC machine center.   We insist on innovating and designing continually to pursuit the best quality for the demand of the ISO 9001.
Speed Reducers, Reducer, Planetary Gear Reducer, Sunus, Servo-Motor, Gearbox, Rack & Pinino, Gears, Turntable Bearing, Worm & Worm Gears



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