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At Revolution Tools, our specialty goes far beyond "sourcing" itself. We are a full-service original design manufacturer and value-added reseller of professional tools and equipment.

Our team of specialists are dedicated to the professional grade only and have had proven experiences serving world renowned brands. With unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the global market place, our team have been at the forefront of major global product introductions. From conception to launch to obsolescence, we strive to be an integral part of your brand architecture, product life cycle management, international operations, and multi-level marketing efforts.

Our clients have entrusted our multi-national and cross-functional teams to develop their largest product families and most critical product strategies. With decades of experience by our side, it is no wonder that these collaborations have produced some legendary trademarks.


Air Tools, Cordless Tools, Electric Tools, Sockets, Wrenches, Hand Equipment, Specialty Tools, Power Tools


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